Sculptor’s Workshop

The purpose of this exhibit was to use and create a style in Photoshop.

I decided to do something related to sculpting, so I just came up with an idea for a digital flyer announcing an upcoming sculpting workshop. I wanted to grab the viewers attention with a strong image related to sculpting, so I found a free stock photo of someone’s hands working with clay. It was a large, centered photo, so i cropped it with the focus on the hands on the right of the image.

Once I was happy with the cropped layout, I created a couple of text styles using Myriad and Minion Pro. I pulled colors from the image to tie the text styles into it and then added stroke, color overlays, and drop shadows and adjusted all until I was happy with the result. I made sure to use contrasting colors from top to bottom on the image. The colors oof the text on top are from the bottom, lighter portion of the image, the center text has brown from the clay, and the bottom text has red that was pulled from the red in background. The end effect is a nice color mirror that is easy on the eyes and pulls the composition together.

A simple digital flyer that gets the message across and connects with the viewer.

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