This one was born of a desire to revisit my failed project “Sleeping Beauty.” I came across and image on the DeviantArt website that just spoke to me. I knew I could accomplish the goal of sculpting another nude reclining figure, only this time, instead of a relaxed pose, I wanted to capture a more strained pose – restlessness – if you will.

I used Super Sculpy for this one even though I was going to make a mold of it and cast it in plaster. I didn’t want the same thing to happen to this one as happened to the last one, so baking a final positive in Sculpy was the answer. It was a pretty straightforward sculpture that took me most of the Spring and Summer to finish. I am really trying to become faster at these and the few months this one took are a new record for me!

My original intent was to use the copper leaf again like I had in “Looking Home,” but I used too much patina material and it ate through the copper leaf into the plaster. I scrapped that one and poured a new plaster. This time I just finished it in white acrylic paint and Modge Podge for a seal. I’m not thrilled about the final texture I got and may pour one more and just use one coat of white paint as a finish sealer for a smoother look.

Quick update – Since I wasn’t thrilled with the final texture on the last one, I re-poured this again and this time just left it the original plaster color.  After sealing it, I just used a brown antiquing wax on top of the plaster and sprayed it with a clear matte protective coat.  Very please with the outcome now!

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