Sleeping Beauty

I started this piece before we moved from North Carolina, so it traveled across the country. I worked many months on this piece and in the end, was never able to see it completed.

Like everything else I work on, this one was just inspiration out of the air. I wanted to try my hand at a lying nude figure and see if I could capture a relaxed, sleeping pose. No tension, no stress, just a relaxed sleeping figure.

This was also the first time I had worked in and oil based clay. Prior to this, I had always sculpted in Super Sculpy which you can bake and it will harden into a final, permanent sculpture. This oil based clay, on the other hand, only melts in the heat and requires that a mold be made and then a final cast out of some material. My goal on this one was to not only practice sculpting the lying figure, but to also mold and cast the figure in wax so that I could refine it further, then make a final casting. Unfortunately, the mold material I chose (paint on latex) was not ideal for this project. That, coupled with my unpracticed technique, resulted in a mold that was essentially unusable and that destroyed the sculpture in the process.

All that is left of it is these photos and my memories. I re-visited this figure in 2015 with “Restless.”  It is another reclining nude, but this time, my molding technique was much improved and I had a much better outcome.

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