The Fighter

(Update 2: September 8th, 2018- “The Fighter was awarded a first place ribbon at the Utah State Fair in the Creative Arts Amateur division! The Greenman won BEST OF SHOW!)

(Update: August 11, 2018 – So I entered this piece in our local county fair. It won first prize in the Fine Arts (FA) Sculpture category, and was in competition for the grand prize (that’s the honorable mention ribbon). The other work I entered, “The Green Man!“, eventually won the grand prize!)


Women have always been a huge part of my life. My mother is a strong woman who was a working mom from way back. My wife is a strong woman who’ll kick your ass over a lack of coffee in the morning (Love you Honey!). My daughter is a strong woman who has busted her ass for every penny she earns. My sisters and sister-in-law are tough women who have raised families, had careers, endured turmoil, and have survived it all.

I wanted to sculpt something that would honor the women in my life. Something that would reflect their power, their strength, and the current fight to be heard through the #MeToo and other movements. I could think of no better image than that of a fighter.

I started off wanting the figure to be breaking free from a wall. But, as work progressed and the piece started taking on a life of it’s own, it morphed into a full three dimensional sculpture. I made adjustments to her stance though the process and made it more aggressive. I wanted it to appear as if she was in the middle of a fight.

I didn’t take any photos of the molding and casting process. I need a lot more practice in those skills. I was lucky I got castings of sufficient quality to make a final on this one.

The final is made from Smooth-on’s Smooth-Cast 300 plastic resin. I used JB Weld Steel Stick to connect the arms and braid, then spray painted it in flat black as a base coat. The finish is Johnson’s paste wax with antique bronze powder mixed in and a final top coat of brown antiquing wax.


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