Celestial Siblings Triptych

After completing The Price of Fame I was not happy with how I had sculpted her face.  I tried to get a look of shame and ended up with something more angry and out of proportion.  I clearly need more work on sculpting faces on a small scale.

I decided to focus on doing larger faces and really focusing on proportion and scale.  I sculpted the Man in the Moon first with no intention of doing anything with it other than practice.  Consequently, I took no progress photos.  However, as is the case with many of my works, an idea struck me as I was finishing him.


I decided that this fellow needed a brother.  Since I had done a “moon” the logical choice for a brother was the “sun,”  and Ol’ Sol was born.


I’m also taking this opportunity to practice plaster waste molds and refining in plaster.  I’ve done the waste molds on the brothers and now have plaster casts that I am refining.  Ol’ Sol took a hit on his beard and hair, so I’ve got some rebuilding to do in clay on those parts, but I’m enjoying the experimentation and the learning.

Since I’m focusing on faces, these two brothers wouldn’t be complete without a sister.  I’ll begin work on Mother Eart soon and will post those pictures here as well.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Finished the primary clay sculpt of Mother Earth.  I don’t have any process photos unfortunately.  Because there is so much detail in her roots, hair, and the leaves, I’m going to mold her only in silicone instead of a plaster waste mold.  That will allow me to pour a plaster and refine it.  It will cost more in silicone, but I don’t want to lose the detail I’ve worked so hard on.

Initial Plaster Pour

(Dec 5th, 2018) All the silicone molds are finished and it’s time for the initial plaster pour of all three siblings.  I’ll have to do some refinement to Mother Earth after each casting, but I’m hoping that keeping all that fine detail will be worth the extra finishing worth in the end.

This is the first Tryptych I have ever done.  I had a concept in mind when sculpting each element, but this was the first time seeing them all together as I had envisioned.  The first thing that jumped out at me was a mistake I made in sculpting Ol’ Sol.  When I added his hair pieces (sun rays) I ruined the curvature line that I wanted to match with Mother Earth and the Man in the Moon.  Luckily it was all in plaster and the plaster was still wet.  I undertook some reductive sculpting and reformed him.

Removed some hair pieces (sun rays) from Ol Sol

I’m going to try dying the plaster black for the finish on all three.  I think it will give it an elegant look and will allow me to practice a new technique.

Celestial Siblings (Final)

Finally finished these before the Christmas holidays. Actually, I completed two sets. I gave one set to each of my sisters and a Mother Earth to my mother and my mother-in-law for Christmas. I ended up casting them in Smooth Cast Resin as the plaster versions were way too heavy to hang on the wall.

I’m still going to play around with finishes in any future versions. I like the antique look as it brings out the detail through.

On to the next project!

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