Salt Lake County Fair 2019

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This is incredible. By far the most well composed and thoughtful piece here at the show! Beautifully terrifying!” -SLC Fair Judge

It’s fair season here in Utah. Last year I entered two of my works, The Fighter, and The Green Man. Both of those pieces won 1st place ribbons and The Green Man won Best of Show in Creative arts in both the county and state fair.

This year, I decided to enter four of my pieces, Celestial Siblings, Mornings over Midgard, Yggdrasil Dying, and Trapped By Our Own Lies.

I am happy to say that the item I thought wouldn’t place at all was Trapped By Our Own Lies. (See top image). I didn’t like the black finish I had on the original, so I used black shoe polish and bronze powder to bring out more detail on the figure. To my astonishment, the piece won Best in Show – Creative Arts!

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Celestial Siblings – 1st place Blue Ribbon, Supervisor’s Choice

For my Celestial Siblings entry I poured new plasters from my molds and dyed the plaster black. I finished it with black wax and talcum powder. I really like this finish.

This piece won first place in Sculpture and Supervisor’s Choice indicating it was the creative art’s supervisors favorite piece in the competition class.

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Morning over Midgard – High Blue Ribbon (Best in Sculpture Class), Supervisor’s Choice

Morning over Midgard won the High Blue Ribbon which was a new one for me. In the judging rules it says that the High Blue Ribbon is reserved for the best item in the competition class. In this case it was the sculpture class. This one also received a Supervisor’s Choice Award.

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Yggdrasil Dying – 1st Place Blue Ribbon – Polymer Clay

Finally, Yggdrasil Dying took a first place Blue Ribbon in the Polymer Clay class. I was hopeful that this one would do better. Don’t get me wrong, I”m extremely happy with the first place ribbon. This one is just one of my personal favorites.

Now it’s time to get ready for the State Fair in another month. I’m only going to enter Trapped by our own lies and Morning over Midgard in that one. Celestial Siblings and Yggdrasil took some damage during this fair, and I really don’t want to go through the whole process to repair them, only to have them damaged further.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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