(Formerly known as Seated Beauty)

After Mornings over Midgard, I wanted to return to the female form and instead of covering the figure with clothes, work on defining and refining shapes.

I bought an Art Model book a number of years ago. It came with a CD of all the images. I figured it was high-time I used it, so I set up my laptop and a monitor in portrait mode so that I could scroll through the series of images as I was sculpting. It’s the closest thing to sculpting from a live model that I’ll ever get I’m afraid.

As the form took shape, I started asking myself questions about her. What was she doing there? Why was she seated there pulling her hair back and putting it up?. I decided that she was Spring. She was waking from a long winter and getting ready for the season. New growth is sprouting from her as she is seated on the old stump. A promise of eternal renewal.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.





The Reveal

The First Cast

The Final Cast

My first cold-cast bronze.

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