In keeping with my current theme I started work on Summer. I’m going to work through pieces representing all the seasons – trying to improve my techniques with each one.

Starting with Summer, I’m going to use TruForm Armatures instead of creating my own. One of the things I struggle with is proportions, and getting those right up front makes all the difference in the final sculpture.

Using these TruForm armatures will help me keep my proportions straight and give my sculptures a solid foundation (I hope!).

In addition to using the TruForm armatures, I’m going to be building this sculpture from the inside out. I’m going to sculpt the full skeleton, then add the muscles, then finally the skin. My hope is that in sculpting this way, I’ll achieve a more realistically proportioned sculpture and one that more accurately represents the underlying anatomy than what I’ve been able to capture to date.

These types of sculptures are called ecorches – a French word meaning flayed. Technically they are sculptures that are half completed and half showing the muscles and bones, but my final piece will be complete with no exposed musculature.

Here is some progress to-date:

Side note: Feet are amazingly large – the human foot is approximately the same length as the forearm from the elbow to the wrist. On this figure that is four full inches! The sculpted bones look incredibly long!

I think this is part of my proportion problems with previous sculptures – I’m going by what my eye thinks rather than what the math tells me.

Finished the final clay sculpt! Here are the progress photos that take me to the finish line. I played around with different lengths of hair and different configurations for the branches/vines and the leaves.

I’m going to contact a local foundry and get a bid on how much this will cost to cast. I am hopeful that I’ll be able to afford to get this in bronze. I’m quite proud of this one.

I wasn’t happy with the face. I put too many leaves around it and it created a lot of visual “noise.” I decided it would be better to simplify the face and give her a cleaner look.

After the face simplification, I took her to the foundry. This will be my very first real bronze sculpture!

Summer is complete!

The experience with the foundry was more than I could have hoped for! They were very patient with me throughout the entire process and I was involved as much as I wanted to be. I even watched the pour!

I hope you enjoy these last couple of galleries of the foundry process.

Foundry Process

The Aftermath…

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