The Green Man

The Green Man is typically a sculpture of a face made from or surrounded by leaves.  This image can be found on buildings and churches reaching far back into history. Images of the Green Man can be found as far back as 420 BCE in the form of a leaf-clad statue of Dionysus. Although not specifically [...]

By Our Own Lies

Inspired by the current political climate. I started with a plaster cast of my face and hands using alginate and plaster. I covered the mounting board in chicken wire for texture, then painted the plaster casts with gloss black spray paint and the did a splatter effect of browns, blacks, and gray on the board. [...]


This one was born of a desire to revisit my failed project "Sleeping Beauty." I came across and image on the DeviantArt website that just spoke to me. I knew I could accomplish the goal of sculpting another nude reclining figure, only this time, instead of a relaxed pose, I wanted to capture a more [...]

Sleeping Beauty

I started this piece before we moved from North Carolina, so it traveled across the country. I worked many months on this piece and in the end, was never able to see it completed. Like everything else I work on, this one was just inspiration out of the air. I wanted to try my hand [...]

Smiling Face

After completing "Looking Home" I wanted to try a full bust once again. This time focusing on proportions and really trying to make it look lifelike. This piece is also done is Sculpey and took me approximately two months of nights and weekends to finish. The hair ended up being the most difficult part of [...]

Looking Home

This is a piece I did after my first attempt at sculpting a full bust. Once I had the bust complete it just looked rather plain and a bit alien. I decided to cut the head at 3/4 and placed it on a flat piece of clay. I think that change really added more interest [...]

The Dancer (Unfinished)

This was my next attempt at a full-body sculpture, unfortunately, it was never finished. I was much happier with my proportions and composition with this one, but I really lacked the skills to complete the arms and hands to my satisfaction. Nor was I capable of sculpting the face and expressions necessary for the overall [...]