Looking Home

This is a piece I did after my first attempt at sculpting a full bust. Once I had the bust complete it just looked rather plain and a bit alien. I decided to cut the head at 3/4 and placed it on a flat piece of clay. I think that change really added more interest [...]

The Dancer (Unfinished)

This was my next attempt at a full-body sculpture, unfortunately, it was never finished. I was much happier with my proportions and composition with this one, but I really lacked the skills to complete the arms and hands to my satisfaction. Nor was I capable of sculpting the face and expressions necessary for the overall [...]


This Sculpture was my first attempt at a full body sculpture. I had switched to using Super Sculpy as my medium with this one and was still trying to learn proportion, composition, and some of the finer details. I was still very new to sculpting, so like most of my works, it took me a [...]

First Sculpture

This was the first figure I ever sculpted. I was always fascinated by sculpture and I love using my hands to create things. I like to wood work, I like to build, I love erector sets and legos, any activity where I can use my hands and create. I got the notion in my head [...]

HMS Terror

Inspiration is a funny thing - you never know when it will hit or what will spark it. I was reading a book about Sir John Franklin's attempt at finding the Northwest Passage which led me to learn more about these two ships. I found a lot interesting articles and pieces about the discovery of [...]

Sculptor’s Workshop

The purpose of this exhibit was to use and create a style in Photoshop. I decided to do something related to sculpting, so I just came up with an idea for a digital flyer announcing an upcoming sculpting workshop. I wanted to grab the viewers attention with a strong image related to sculpting, so I [...]

North Carolina Museum of Art

I took this photo of my wife at the NC Museum of Art back in 2010 on one of our numerous visits. First of all, she hates her photo taken, but I couldn't resist. We were talking about another piece we had seen and I started walking away toward an exhibit. She said something to [...]