Sleeping Beauty

I started this piece before we moved from North Carolina, so it traveled across the country. I worked many months on this piece and in the end, was never able to see it completed. Like everything else I work on, this one was just inspiration out of the air. I wanted to try my hand [...]

Smiling Face

After completing "Looking Home" I wanted to try a full bust once again. This time focusing on proportions and really trying to make it look lifelike. This piece is also done is Sculpey and took me approximately two months of nights and weekends to finish. The hair ended up being the most difficult part of [...]

Looking Home

This is a piece I did after my first attempt at sculpting a full bust. Once I had the bust complete it just looked rather plain and a bit alien. I decided to cut the head at 3/4 and placed it on a flat piece of clay. I think that change really added more interest [...]

The Dancer (Unfinished)

This was my next attempt at a full-body sculpture, unfortunately, it was never finished. I was much happier with my proportions and composition with this one, but I really lacked the skills to complete the arms and hands to my satisfaction. Nor was I capable of sculpting the face and expressions necessary for the overall [...]


This Sculpture was my first attempt at a full body sculpture. I had switched to using Super Sculpy as my medium with this one and was still trying to learn proportion, composition, and some of the finer details. I was still very new to sculpting, so like most of my works, it took me a [...]

First Sculpture

This was the first figure I ever sculpted. I was always fascinated by sculpture and I love using my hands to create things. I like to wood work, I like to build, I love erector sets and legos, any activity where I can use my hands and create. I got the notion in my head [...]

HMS Terror

Inspiration is a funny thing - you never know when it will hit or what will spark it. I was reading a book about Sir John Franklin's attempt at finding the Northwest Passage which led me to learn more about these two ships. I found a lot interesting articles and pieces about the discovery of [...]