If you’re interested in purchasing anything I’ve made, please send me an email and we’ll discuss it.

Some stuff to know before contacting me. Custom art is expensive. Significant time, care, and effort will be put into any piece you desire, but that time, care, and effort comes at a price.


  1. I don’t do speculative or commissioned work.
  2. Not all of my pieces are for sale. Some are one-of-a-kind pieces produced for someone specifically. Please check the drop down menu under purchase to see if the piece you are interested in is available for sale.
  3. I charge based on the complexity and size of the piece.
  4. Molding and casting is time consuming and expensive. If I cast your piece from an existing mold, or have to create a new mold, I charge for my time plus cost of materials. I typically cast in urethane resin and finish with various paint-based products. If you desire a bronze casting, I will get a quote from the foundry and will charge foundry costs plus minimal travel costs I incur.
  5. All shipping and handling fees will be charged as determined by the size and complexity of the piece.