In keeping with my current theme I started work on Summer. I'm going to work through pieces representing all the seasons - trying to improve my techniques with each one. Starting with Summer, I'm going to use TruForm Armatures instead of creating my own. One of the things I struggle with is proportions, and getting [...]


(Formerly known as Seated Beauty) After Mornings over Midgard, I wanted to return to the female form and instead of covering the figure with clothes, work on defining and refining shapes. I bought an Art Model book a number of years ago. It came with a CD of all the images. I figured it was [...]

Yggdrasil Dying (Sculpture)

One of the pieces of graphic art I created for my Photoshop class was a composite image of a tree over a woman. I called it Yggdrasil Dying. The intent was to convey a sense of mother earth (Yggdrasil in Norse mythology) suffering. I decided to try and convey that same sense of suffering only [...]

Mornings over Midgard

(2-27-19) I entered this in our local Veterans Creative Arts competition and won first place in the sculpture category! After practicing on the large faces, I'm back to doing a smaller scale piece. I'm focusing this time on composition and overall movement in the piece. This one is Odin releasing one of his ravens, (Huginn), [...]

The Price of Fame

Continuing on my theme of strong women, I decided to go in the opposite direction from The Fighter.  Social media and social media stardom comes at a cost to women and that cost is often in the form of sexual idealization.  This work is trying to capture that cost. Final was cast in Bondo and [...]